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Tom Manly
Programme leader
01223 767666

Research themes: Neurological and Sensory Disorders, Mental Health, Childhood Development, Fundamental Cognitive Neuroscience

Tom Manly is a clinical psychologist, clinical neuropsychologist and Programme Leader at the University of Cambridge MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. He works with Fionnuala Murphy, Polly Peers and Estela Carmona in the Disorders of Attention, Awareness and Cognitive Control Group. Andrea Kusec is completing her PhD with the group. Tom was awarded the Elizabeth Warrington Prize by the British Neuropsychological Society for distinguished contributions to the neuropsychological literature and the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Spearman Medal. He has served on the BPS Division of Neuropsychology Committee, The Stroke Association Research Committee and was president of the British Academy of Science Psychology Section. He is the lead author of the Test of Everyday Attention for Children (TEA-Ch), Test of Everyday Attention for Children 2nd Edition (TEA-Ch2) and a co-author of Goal Management Training (GMT), a group educational approach for executive impairments following brain injury. In collaboration with Glyn Humphreys and Nele Demeyere (Oxford) and Andrew Bateman (University of Essex) he has developed the OCS-BRIDGE Mood and Cognition Screening App. Former PhD students include Corinne Bareham, Jessica Fish, Karolina Moutsopoulou, Sinead Hynes, Chris Dodds and Veronica Dobler.

Research areas

Impairments in attention and executive function are a common and debilitating feature of many neurological and developmental conditions, and are important in understanding the greatly increased risks of co-morbid mood problems in these priority populations. This clinician-led programme aims to improve our understanding of relevant underlying mechanisms in health and disorder, and to improve clinical assessment and rehabilitative interventions.

  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
  • Attention and executive disorders following brain injury
  • Mood disorder following brain injury
  • Unilateral Spatial Neglect following brain injury, in childhood and spatial bias in the general population
  • Attentional/executive function in children.
  • Improving clinical assessment following brain injury
  • Processes in the preparation of upcoming task episodes
  • Unconscious modulators of executive function
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