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Polly Peers
Research staff
01223 769424
Programme Leader: Tom Manly
CBSU publications
MANLY, T., PEERS, P. , MURPHY, F. (In Press) Measuring intolerance of uncertainty after acquired brain injury: Factor structure, reliability, and validity of the Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale–12, Assessment [Open Access]

KUSEC, A., MURPHY, F.C., PEERS, P. V., Bennett, R., CARMONA, E., Korbacz, A., Lawrence, C., Cameron, E., Bateman, A., WATSON, P., Allanson, J., duToit, P., MANLY, T. (2023) Mood, Activity Participation, and Leisure Engagement Satisfaction (MAPLES): results from a randomised controlled pilot feasibility trial for low mood in acquired brain injury., BMC Medicine, 21(1):445 [Open Access]

KUSEC, A., Methley, A., MURPHY, F.C., PEERS, P. V., CARMONA, E., MANLY, T. (2023) Developing behavioural activation for people with acquired brain injury: A qualitative interpretive description study of barriers and facilitators to activity engagement, BMC Psychology, 11(1): 207 [Open Access]

PEERS, P. , PUNTON, S.F., MURPHY, F.C., WATSON, P., Bateman,A., DUNCAN, J.D., ASTLE, D.E., Hampshire, A., MANLY, T, (2022) A randomised control trial of the effects of home-based online attention training and working memory training on cognition and everyday function in a community stroke sample, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, , 32 (10), 2603-2627, [Open Access]

Kusec, A., MURPHY, F.C., PEERS, P. V., Lawrence, C, Cameron, E., Morton, C, Bateman, A., WATSON, P., and MANLY, T. (2020) Mood, Activity Participation, and Leisure Engagement Satisfaction (MAPLES): a randomised controlled pilot feasibility trial for low mood in acquired brain injury, BMC Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 6:135 [Open Access]

PEERS, P. , ASTLE, D.E., DUNCAN, J.D., MURPHY, F., Hampshire, A., Das, T., MANLY, T. (2020) Dissociable effects of Attention vs Working Memory on cognitive performance and everyday functioning following fronto-parital strokes, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 30(6), 1092-1114 [Open Access]

MURPHY, F., PEERS, P. , Holmes, E.A., Blackwell, S., MANLY, T. (2018) Anticipated and imagined futures: Prospective cognition and depressed mood following brain injury, British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 18(1):760 [Open Access]

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