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My primary interest concerns how the brain "remembers" things. Specifically, I use the techniques of fMRI and EEG/MEG to examine brain activity as healthy volunteers try to remember things in the laboratory, and relate these findings, via computational modelling, to the memory problems following damage in those brain regions. I am interested in the neural bases of both explicit (conscious) memory and implicit (unconscious) memory, particularly the relationship between recollection, familiarity, and priming, and the relationship between memory and (visual) perception. A deeper knowledge of these different expressions of memory is important for understanding the ubiquitous memory impairments associated with neurological damage, neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, and normal ageing.

I am an MRC (Band 1) Programme Leader, Deputy Director of the MRC CBSU, and a group leader of the Memory & Perception Group.

You can contact me by:
Tel: +44 (0)1223 355 294
Fax: +44 (0)1223 359 062
Email: rik.henson AT
MRC CBU, 15 Chaucer Road, Cambridge, CB2 7EF, UK.

You could...

Current Post-Docs (people who know better than me):

Andrea Greve: Predictive, interactive multiple memory signals (MRC).
Elisa Cooper: Memory in ageing and dementia (MRC).
Roni Tibon: Schema and unitisation in memory (Newton Fellow).
Linda Geerligs: Dynamic functional connectivity in ageing (Rubicon Fellow).
Darren Price: Neurocognition of ageing (MRC/CamCAN).
Arjen Alink: Predictive coding in visual perception (British Academy Fellow).
Marieke Mur: Brain correlates of visual awareness (British Academy Fellow).

Current Docs & RAs (people beginning to realise they know better than me):

Tina Emery (RA): Neurocognition of ageing (MRC).
Ali Trelle (PhD, led by Jon Simons): Memory in ageing (HEFCE).
Alex Kaula (PhD): Effect of predictive error and attention on memory (MRC).
Rebecca Beresford (PhD): Detection of dementia using task-based MEG (MRC UK MEG grant).
Jiri Cerova (PhD): Computational modelling of prediction error in learning (MRC).
Alex Lau (PhD, led by Emily Holmes): Disrupting consolidation in PTSD.
Hunar Ahmad (MD/PhD): Detection of dementia using MRI and MEG (Cambridge International Scholarship).
David Nesbitt (MD/PhD, led by James Rowe): Detection of dementia in the community (MRC).

Past Post-docs/Students (people who definitely know better than me):

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