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All search terms are optional. Enter multiple search terms as a comma separated list (e.g. keyword1, key phrase 2, keyword three, etc), with authors' names in the form Surname Initial. (e.g. Baddeley A., Bartlett F., etc). By default the search will return results that match ALL the terms (i.e. the previous example would search for keyword1 AND keyword 2 AND keyword three). To return items matching ANY search terms, precede each term by a - sign (e.g. -keyword1, -keyword 2, etc)

NB - this page only shows work published while at least one author was based at the CBSU. Search results may not include work published by a particular researcher while they were affilated with another instutution (although many researchers do include details of non-CSBU publications on their people pages)

To request a reprint of a CBSU publication, please click here to send us an email (reprints may not be available for all publications)