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Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 4, 141-162
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Neuropsycholgical rehabilitation (NR) is concerned with the amelioration of cognitive, emotional, psychosocial, and behavioral deficits caused by an insult to the brain. Major changes in NR have occurred over the past decade or so. NR is now mostly centered on a goal-planning approach in a partnership of survivors of brain injury, their families, and professional staff who negotiate and select goals to be achieved. There is widespread recognition that cognition, emotion, and psychosocial functioning are interlinked, and all should be targeted in rehabilitation. This is the basis of the holistic approach. Technology is increasingly used to compensate for cognitive deficits, and some technological aids are discussed. Evidence for effective treatment of cognitive, emotional and psychosocial difficulties is presented, models that have been most influential in NR are described, and the review concludes with guidelines for good practice.