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Recent Developments in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Higher Brain Function Research, 1 - 8
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There are six changes that I feel have been particularly influential in neuropsychological rehabilitation in the past decade: 1) Rehabilitation is now seen as a partnership between patients, families and health care staff 2) Goal setting is well established as a means of planning rehabilitation programmes 3) There is general recognition that cognition, emotion, social functioning and behaviour are interlinked and should be all be addressed in the rehabilitation process 4) Rehabilitation should begin in the first days after brain injury when people may still be in a state of reduced consciousness 5) There has been an increase in the use of technology to help people compensate for their difficulties and 6) There is a greater acknowledgement that rehabilitation requires a broad theoretical base; no one theory, model or framework is sufficient to address all the problems faced by people with neuropsychological deficits.