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Spatial awareness, alertness, and ADHD: The re-emergence of unilateral neglect and time-on-task
GEORGE, M., Dobler, V., Nicholls, E. & MANLY, T.
Brain and Cognition, 57(3), 264-275
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Studies examining a relationship between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and relative visual inattention towards left space have produced inconsistent results. Here, based on previous studies with adult neurological patients who show very severe inattention to the left, we examine whether any spatial bias in ADHD may be modulated by changes in alertness levels. In a single case, we found that inattention to the left - that was intermittently apparent - dramatically increased as a function of time-on-task. No significant changes were observed on the right. The implications for clinical assessment and research design are discussed.