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External memory aids and computers in memory rehabilitation
Kapur, N., Glisky, E.L. & WILSON, B.A
In A.D. Baddeley, M.D. Kopelman, & B.A. Wilson (Eds.), The Essential Handbook of Memory Disorders for Clinicians, Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 301-327
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This chapter reviews external memory aids and computer-based resources in the management of patients with memory dificulties following brain diease or brain injury. We are concerned primarily with treatment interventions for memory-disordered people. Although various forms of memory aids and computer-based resources may be useful in the initial neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis of such people, these applications are outside the scope of this chapter. We focus mainly on adults who have suffered a brain insult, although we recognize that children with brain damage and those with memory loss related to psychiatric conditions might also benefit from external aids and computers.