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A memory aid with remote communication for elderly and memory-impaired users
Szymkowiak, A., Morrison, K., Inglis, E.A., Gregor, P., Shah, P., Evans, J.J. & WILSON, B.A.
Universal access in HCI: Inclusive design in the information society, Vol. 4 902 - 906 (Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Universal Access in Human - Computer Interaction, 22-27 June, Crete, Greece),
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Memory problems are often associated with ageing and may occur due to brain injury. The loss of the ability to remember to do things can severely disrupt daily life of memory-impaired individuals and adversely affect carers. Electronic devices have been successfully used as memory aids to provide short action prompts to memory-impaired users. However, learning how to use these aids can be difficult, and usability problems have been reported with the development of portable devices. This paper describes the development of a memory aid we are currently developing for elderly and memory-impaired users and presents data from a field trial. Positive evaluation data support our design approach of a customized interface for this specific user group