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Sustained attention training and errorless learning facilitates self-care functioning in chronic ipsilesional neglect following severe traumatic brain injury
Wilson, F.C. & MANLY, T.
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 13(5), 537-548
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Limb activation studies involving contralesional spatiomotor cueing document a reduction of neglect for left space (Robertson & North, 1992, 1993, 1994; Samuel et al., 2000). A number of studies applying this approach have produced positive findings (Robertson, Hogg, & McMillan, 1998; Robertson, North, & Geggie, 1992; Robertson, McMillan, MacLeod, Edgeworth, & Brock, 2002; Samuel et al., 2000). An alternative theoretical approach which aims to facilitate spatial awareness via the modulation of non-lateralised deficits in sustained attention/arousal (Robertson et al., 1997; Samuelsson et al., 1998) has also shown promising results (Robertson et al., 1995; Wilson, Manly, Coyle, & Robertson, 2000) in terms of improved contralesional unilateral neglect as well as activities of daily living.