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The Future of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
In Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Theory and Practice, 293-301, Sept 2003
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Neuropsychological rehabilitation is coming of age. In a recent book on neuropsychological interventions, Eslinger (2002) said "Professionals who reported psychometric testing data in relationship to a particular lesion location or disease process were somehow perceived as more experimental and scientific, while rehabilitators were perceived as seeking a therapeutic effect from atheoretical and non-experimental approaches (e.g. how can we make this person better?) (p.4). Although this attitude still prevails in some quarters, there is increasing recognition of the value and effectiveness of rehabilitation to improve the quality of life for people with brain injury and enable them to survive in their most appropriate environments. The contributors to this book demonstrate how theory and practice inform each other and can result in the successful remediation of real life problems.