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The Theory and Practice of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation : An Overview
In Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Theory and Practice, 1-10, Sept 2003
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Neuropsychological rehabilitation is concerned with the amelioration of cognitive social and emotional deficits caused by an insult to the brain. Like other kinds of rehabilitation, the main purposes of neuropsychological rehabilitation are to enable people with disabilities to achieve their optimum level of well being, to reduce the impact of their problems on everyday life and to help them return to their most appropriate environments. Because of the complexities of the difficulties facing people with brain injury, neuropsychological rehabilitation must draw on a number of theoretical approaches. If theories are going to be clinically useful then we need to use our clinical experience and common sense to apply the research findings. The contributors to this book illustrate some of the ways we can integrate theory and practice in neuropsychological rehabilitation.