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The natural recovery and treatment of learning and memory disorders
In Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology Eds. PW Halligan, U Kischka, JC Marshall. Oxford University Press, 167-180
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This chapter focuses on people who have memory problems resulting from a neurological condition such as traumatic head injury, stroke, encephalitis, and hypoxic brain damage. It is not concerned with those who have developmental learning difficulties. Because learning is, to a large extent, dependent on memory, people with memory problems have difficulty learning new information. People with progressive neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis also experience memory and learning difficulties, and although it is possible to reduce the everyday problems faced by these people (see e.g., Clare et al. 1999, 2000; Clare and Woods 2001), they will not be discussed here because they are not expected to recover or improve their functioning.