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Facial Expression Recognition Across the Adult Life Span
CALDER, A.J., KEANE, J., MANLY, T., Sprengelmeyer, R., Scott, S.K., NIMMO-SMITH, I. & Young, A.W.
Neuropsychologia, 41(2), 195-202
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We report three experiments investigating the recognition of emotion from facial expressions across the adult life span. Increasing age produced a progressive reduction in the recognition of fear and, to a lesser extent, anger. In contrast, older participants showed no reduction in recognition of disgust, rather there was some evidence of an improvement. The results are discussed in terms of studies from the neuropsychological and functional imaging literature that indicate that separate brain regions may underlie the emotions fear and disgust. We suggest that the dissociable effects found for fear and disgust are consistent with the differential effects of ageing on brain regions involved in these emotions.