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Comparison of pocket-computer memory aids for people with brain injury
Wright, P., Rogers, N., WILSON, B.A., EVANS, J.J., EMSLIE, H., Hall, C. & Bartram, C.
Brain Injury, 15 (9), 787-800
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Two styles of pocket computer memory aid were compared as support for people who had sustained non-progressive, closed-head brain injury. A purpose-designed interface provided a diary with auditory alarms, a notebook and links between diary entries and specific notepages. One computer had a physical keyboard, the other did not. Twelve adult volunteers were loaned each computer for two months with a one month gap between, in counterbalanced order. It was found that all participants could use the memory aids but the notebook was customised for two participants and amount of use varied widely. Predictors of usage included use of other reminding systems before joining the project, and speed in calculator addition which may reflect working memory. High users preferred the computer with a physical keyboard; less frequent users made more entries with the palm-size computer. These data highlight the need to distinguish ability to use from willingness to use.