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Performance of individuals with brain injury on the Ravens Matrices rate of decay formula for the detection of malingering.
EVANS, J.J., Needham, P. & WILSON, B.A.
Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment, 2, 97-101
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McKinzey, Podd, Krehbiel and Raven (1999) presented a cross-validation study of a formula for the detection of malingering originally devised by Gudjonsson and Shackleton (1986). The formula was based on rate of decay of performance across the five sets of Ravens Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM). In McKinzey et al's study, a set of individuals who were asked to 'fake-bad' were distinguished from controls. In the present study, the RSPM scores of 81 individuals with definite acquired brain injury were subjected to this rate of decay formula. A false positive rate of 2.5% was obtained. Although this rate is low, caution is still necessary when interpreting scores below the 'malingering' cut-off.