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The Oliver Zangwill Center for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: A partnership between health care and rehabilitation research.
WILSON, B. A., Evans, J. J., Brentnall, S., Bremner, S., Keohane, C., & Williams, H.
In A.L. Christensen & B.P. Uzzell (Eds) International Handbook of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (pp. 231-246) New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenium Publishers
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This chapter describes the Oliver Zangwill Centre (OZC) for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. The centre is based on the holistic model and is influenced by the programmes established in American by Diller, Ben-Yishay and Prigatano and in Copenhagen by Christensen. The OZC differs from earlier programmes in (a) funding of the service which comes primarily from Lifespan National Health Service Trust with support from the Medical Research Council and from the Regional Health Authority’s Research and Development Fund and (b) its commitment to research. We describe the policy and structure of the OZC; we provide some details about the individual and group therapy offered; we present a case example to illustrate our goal-setting approach and conclude by considering some of the evidence for the efficacy of rehabilitation.