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Behavioural assessment of the dysexecutive syndrome.
Wilson, B.A., Evans, J.J., Alderman, N., Burgess, P.W., & Emslie, H.
In P. Rabbitt (Ed.), Methodology of Frontal and Executive Function, pp.239-250. Hove: Psychology Press.
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Testing for executive deficits has been difficult because traditional tests do not reflect the real life demands that are made in everyday life when people have to solve problems, plan and organise their behaviour, set priorities in the face of competing demands and adapt behaviour to changing situations. Previous tests have often assessed component skills of the central executive rather than executive functioning per se, and although some of them have been shown to be sensitive to frontal lobe damage, they are not representative of situations confronted by patients in their daily lives and consequently there is a poor relationship between test scores and the day to day problems of patients. We describe a new ecologically valid assessment battery to predict everyday memory difficulties which avoids many of the problems of existing tests.