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Tobias Goehring
Research Fellow (MRC Career Development Fellow)
01223 769486
Programme Leader: Bob Carlyon
CBSU publications
DEIGHTON MACINTYRE, A., CARLYLON, R.P., GOEHRING, T. (In Press) Neural decoding of the speech envelope: Effects of intelligibility and spectral degradation, Trends in Hearing [Read More]

GAULTIER, C., GOEHRING, T. (In Press) Recovering speech intelligibility with deep learning and multiple microphones in noisy-reverberant situations for people using cochlear implants, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America [Read More]

Fletcher, M.D., Perry, S.W., Thoidis, I., Verschuur, C.A., Goehring, T. (2024) Improved tactile speech robustness to background noise with a dual-path recurrent neural network noise-reduction method, Scientific Reports, 14(1):7357 [Open Access]

Gaultier, C., GOEHRING, T. (2023) Joint compensation of multi-talker noise and reverberation for speech enhancement with cochlear implants using one or more microphones, Interspeech 2023, 3497 [Read More]

ARCHER-BOYD, A.W., HARLAND, A., GOEHRING, T. , CARLYON, R.P. (2023) An online implementation of a measure of spectro-temporal processing by cochlear-implant listeners, JASA Express Letters, 3, 014402 [Open Access]

GARCIA, C., DEEKS, J., GOEHRING, T. , Borsetto, D., Bance, M., CARLYLON, R.P. (2022) SpeedCAP: An Efficient Method for Estimating Neural Activation Patterns Using Electrically Evoked Compound Action-Potentials in Cochlear Implant Users, Ear and Hearing, 10.1097/AUD.0000000000001305 [Open Access]

Brochier, T., Schlittenlacher, J., Roberts, I., GOEHRING, T. , Jiang, C., Vickers, D., Bance, M. (2022) From Microphone to Phoneme: An End-to-End Computational Neural Model for Predicting Speech Perception with Cochlear Implants, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 13 Apr 2022, PP [Open Access]

CARLYON, R.P., GOEHRING, T. (2021) Cochlear Implant Research and Development in the Twenty-first Century: A Critical Update., Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology : JARO, 22(5):481-508 [Open Access]

GOEHRING, T. , ARCHER-BOYD, A.W., Arenberg, J.G., CARLYON, R.P. (2021) The effect of increased channel interaction on speech perception with cochlear implants, Scientific Reports, 17 May 2021, 11(1):10383 [Open Access]

GARCIA, C., GOEHRING, T. , COSENTINO, S., Turner, R.E., DEEKS, J.M., Brochier, K., Rughooputh, T., Bance, M., CARLYON, R.P. (2021) The Panoramic ECAP Method: Estimating Patient‑Specifc Patterns of Current Spread and Neural Health in Cochlear Implant Users, The Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, 22(5):567-589 [Open Access]

Jiang, C., Singhal, S., Landry, T., Roberts, I.V., de Rijk, S.R., Brochier, T., Goehring, T. , Tam, Y.C., CARLYLON, R.P., Malliaraas, G.G., and Bance, M.L. (2021) An Instrumented Cochlea Model for the Evaluation of Cochlear Implant Electrical Stimulus Spread, IEEE Transactions on Bio-medical Engineering,68(7):2281-2288 [Open Access]

ARCHER-BOYD, A., GOEHRING, T. , CARLYON, R. (2020) The effect of free-field presentation and processing strategy on a measure of spectro-temporal processing by cochlear-implant listeners, Trends in Hearing, Jan-Dec 2020;24:2331216520964281 [Open Access]

GOEHRING, T. , Arenberg, J.G., CARLYON, R. (2020) Using Spectral Blurring to Assess Effects of Channel Interaction on Speech-In-Noise Perception with Cochlear Implants, Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, 21(4):353-371 [Open Access]

LAMPING, W., GOEHRING, T. , Marozeaua, J., CARLYON, R. (2020) The effect of a coding strategy that removes temporally masked pulses on speech perception by cochlear implant users, Hearing Research, 391:107969 [Open Access]

Keshavarzi, M., GOEHRING, T. , Turner, R., Moore, B. (2020) Comparison of effects on subjective intelligibility and quality of speech in babble for two algorithms: A deep recurrent neural network and spectral subtraction, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 145(3):1493 [Open Access]

Fletcher, F., Hadeedi, A. GOEHRING, T. , Mills, S. (2019) Electro-haptic enhancement of speech-in-noise performance in cochlear implant users, Scientific Reports, 9(1):11428 [Open Access]

GOEHRING, T. , ARCHER-BOYD, A., DEEKS, J.M., Arenberg, J.G., CARLYON, R.P. (2019) A Site-Selection Strategy Based on Polarity Sensitivity for Cochlear Implants: Effects on Spectro-Temporal Resolution and Speech Perception, Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology : Jaro, 20(4):431-448 [Open Access]

GOEHRING, T. , Keshavarzi, M., CARLYON, R., Moore, B. (2019) Using recurrent neural networks to improve the perception of speech in non-stationary noise by people with cochlear implants., The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 146(1):705 [Open Access]

Fletcher, M.D., Mills, S.R., GOEHRING, T. (2018) Vibro-Tactile Enhancement of Speech Intelligibility in Multi-talker Noise for Simulated Cochlear Implant Listening., Trends in Hearing, 22:2331216518797838 [Open Access]

Keshavarzi, M., GOEHRING, T. , Zakis, J., Turner, R.E., Moore, B.C.J (2018) Use of a Deep Recurrent Neural Network to Reduce Wind Noise: Effects on Judged Speech Intelligibility and Sound Quality, Trends in Hearing, 01 Jan 2018, 22:2331216518770964 [Open Access]