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Tobias Goehring
Research Fellow (MRC Career Development Fellow)
01223 769486

MRC Fellow and Senior Research Associate

My goal is to help in restoring the sense of sound by improving hearing devices for people with hearing difficulties.

I am establishing the Deep Hearing Lab at the CBU embedded in the Cambridge Hearing Group. Our research is focused on speech perception with hearing devices (cochlear implants, hearing aids and hearables) using techniques from auditory neuroscience, engineering and deep learning. The goal is to increase scientific understanding and to inspire improvements to future devices and clinical insights. An important aspect is the direct evaluation with people to measure listening benefits and perceptual effects.

I hold a 5-year Fellowship (MRC Career Development Award) since summer 2020 and am PI on Grants by The Evelyn Trust and the Wellcome Trust ISSF, the Newton Trust and the University of Cambridge (Joint Research Grant Scheme) as well as Supervisor on a Fellowship by the Fondation pour L'audition to Dr Clement Gaultier. I earned my PhD as an EU Marie Curie Fellow ( at the University of Southampton supervised by Stefan Bleeck, and worked as Post-doc with Bob Carlyon, Brian CJ Moore and Jessica Monaghan. Before coming to Cambridge, I was a visiting researcher at Macquarie University in Australia and worked as R&D engineer in the Automotive Industry in Germany for 2 years. I studied Electrical Engineering at TU Braunschweig in Germany and completed internships at headphone (Sennheiser) and medical device manufacturers (Dräger Medical). I am passionate about technology, acoustics and medical applications all of which unite in my research on hearing devices.

You can find more information and access to my publications here:

Deep Hearing Lab

Google Scholar

Research Gate

We rely on volunteers to take part in our listening studies. If you are using hearing devices and interested, please get in touch!

CBSU publications
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