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Tanya Wen
Graduate student
01223 769478
CBSU publications
WEN, T. , DUNCAN, J.D., MITCHELL, D. (2020) Hierarchical representation of multi-step tasks in multiple-demand and default mode networks, The Journal of Neuroscience (40)40, 7724-7738 [Open Access]

WEN, T. , MITCHELL, D.J., DUNCAN, J. (2020) The functional convergence and heterogeneity of social, episodic, and self-referential thought in the default mode network, Cerebral Cortex, 30(11), 5915–5929 [Open Access]

WEN, T. , DUNCAN, J.D., MITCHELL, D.J. (2020) The time-course of component processes of selective attention, NeuroImage, 199, 396-407 [Open Access]

WEN, T. , MITCHELL, D. DUNCAN, J.D. (2018) Response of the multiple-demand during simple stimulus discriminations, NeuroImage, NeuroImage, 177: 79-87 [Open Access]

WEN, T. , Hsieh, S., Liu, D-C. (2018) Connectivity Patterns in Cognitive Control Networks Predict Naturalistic Multitasking Ability, Neuropsychologia, 114:195-202 [Open Access]

Lee, K-J., Hsiesh, S., WEN, T. (2017) Spatial Bayesian hierarchical model with variable selection to fMRI data, Spatial Statistics, 21(a), 96-113 [Read More]