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Siddharth Ramanan
01223 766 166

I am a neuropsychologist and neuroscientist investigating the genesis and neural contributors of heterogeneous cognitive and behavioural symptoms in neurodegenerative dementia syndromes. I completed my PhD in 2020 from The University of Sydney, Australia where I worked with Profs. Muireann Irish and Olivier Piguet at Frontier, a world-leading young-onset dementia research team. Here, my work mainly focused on decomposing heterogeneous symptoms (specifically episodic memory) and associated structural brain correlates in traditionally non-amnesic neurodegenerative disorders.

I then moved to Cambridge to work with Prof. Matthew A. Lambon Ralph. My current postdoctoral work expands my research programme by adopting data-driven, transdiagnostic approaches to chart neurocomputational processes in the brain commonly explaining heterogeneous cognitive and behavioural symptoms across neurodegenerative dementia syndromes. This work, in parallel, uncovers new cognitive roles of brain regions.

CBSU publications
RAMANAN, S. (In Press) The brain basis of cognition, Nature Reviews Psychology, 1, 491 [Read More]

RAMANAN, S. , Irish, M., PATTERSON, K., ROWE, J.B., Gorno-Tempini, M.L., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (2022) Understanding the multidimensional cognitive deficits of logopenic variant primary progressive aphasia, Brain : a Journal of Neurology,awac208 [Open Access]

RAMANAN, S. , Foxe, D., El-Omar, H., Ahmed, R.M., Hodges, J.R., Piguet, O., Irish, M. (2021) Evidence for a pervasive autobiographical memory impairment in Logopenic Progressive Aphasia, Neurobiology of Aging, 108, 168-178 [Open Access]

RAMANAN, S. , Roquet, D., Goldberg, Z-L., Hodges, J.R., Piguet, O., Irish, M., LAMBON RALPH, M.A. (2020) Establishing two principal dimensions of cognitive variation in Logopenic Progressive Aphasia, Brain Communications, 2(2), fcaa125 [Open Access]