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Setareh Rahimi
01223 766 166

I am developing and applying novel multidimensional connectivity methods for Electro-/Magneto-Encephalography (EEG/MEG) research. I apply these methods to the domain of semantic cognition to find out how semantic representation and control regions interact to unfold meanings of words.

Please visit my Cambridge Neuroscience profile.

CBSU publications
RAHIMI, S. , Jackson, R., Farahibozorg, S.G., HAUK, O. (2023) Time-Lagged Multidimensional Pattern Connectivity (TL-MDPC): An EEG/MEG pattern transformation based functional connectivity metric., Neuroimage, 270:119958 [Open Access]

RAHIMI, S. , Farahibozorg, S., JACKSON, R., HAUK, O. (2021) Task modulation of spatiotemporal dynamics in semantic brain networks: An EEG/MEG study, Neuroimage, 30 Nov 2021, 246:118768 [Open Access]