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Selene Petit
Research Staff
01223 766166

The cognitive and language abilities of minimally-verbal autistic children may currently be greatly under-estimated. My research aims at developing passive tests of language comprehension using neuroimaging, in particular electroencephalography (EEG). I used this technique during my PhD to record the brain’s electrical activity of typically-developing children while they listen to speech, and infer whether they understood the meaning of spoken sentences. I now wish to apply this promising method to minimally-verbal autistic children to learn more about their language abilities.

CBSU publications
PETIT, S. , WOOLGAR, A., BROWN, A., Jessen, E.T., (In Press) How robustly do multivariate EEG patterns track individual-subject lexico-semantic processing of visual stimuli?, Language, Cognition and Neuroscience [Read More]

BARNES, L., PETIT, S. , Badcock, N., WHYTE, C., WOOLGAR, A. (2021) Word detection in individual subjects is difficult to probe with fast periodic visual stimulation, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 03 Mar 2021, 15:602798 [Open Access]

Petit, S. , Badcock, N., Groostwagers, T., WOOLGAR, A. (2020) Unconstrained multivariate EEG decoding can help detect lexical-semantic processing in individual children, Nature Scientific Reports, 10(1):10849 [Open Access]

Petit, S. , Badcock, N., WOOLGAR, A. (2020) Finding Hidden Treasures: A Child-Friendly Neural Test of Task-Following in Individuals Using Functional Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound, Neuropsychologia, 03 Jun 2020, :107515 [Open Access]

Petit, S. , Badcock, N., Groostwagers, T., Rich, A.N., Brock, J., Nickels, L., Moerel, D., Dermody, N., Yau, S., Schmidt, E., WOOLGAR, A. (2020) Toward an individualised neural assessment of receptive language in children, Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63(7):2361-2385 [Open Access]