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Rebecca Jackson
Research fellow (British Academy), Hearing and language group
01223 769452

In my British Academy fellowship, I am building a computational model of semantic cognition that includes both representation and control processes. I am linking this model to the semantic network within the brain to demonstrate the cortical semantic architecture. More generally, I am interested in the where, what and when of the semantic network. This includes determining appropriate methods of assessment of functional and structural connectivity, examining the role of medial prefrontal areas and assessing the relation between semantic and task-general executive processes.

CBSU publications
JACKSON, R. , Bajada, C., LAMBON-RALPH, M. & Cloutman, L (In Press) The graded change in connectivity across the ventromedial prefrontal cortex reveals distinct subregions, Cerebral Cortex [Open Access]

JACKSON, R. L., Cloutman, L.L., LAMBON-RALPH.,M., (2019) Exploring distinct default mode and semantic networks using a systematic ICA approach., Cortex, 113: 279–297. [Open Access]