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Petar Raykov
Research Staff
01223 766 166
Programme Leader: Rik Henson
CBSU publications
Farooq, A., Raykov, Y.P., RAYKOV, P. , Little, M.A. (2024) Adaptive latent feature sharing for piecewise linear dimensionality reduction, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 24, 1-42 [Open Access]

RAYKOV, P. , KNIGHTS, E., HENSON, R., CAM-CAN. (2023) Does functional system segregation mediate the effects of lifestyle on cognition in older adults?, Neurobiology of Aging, 134:126-134 [Open Access]

LEE, S.,, RAYKOV, P. , GREVE, A. (2023) Unveiling Coding of Prediction and Sharpening of Perceptual features through Multivariate Pattern Analysis, Brain and Neuroscience Advances, , 7, 23982128231200722 [Open Access]