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Nitin Williams
I have now left the CBSU but can be contacted at the email address above
CBSU publications
Bruffaerts, R., Tyler, L.K., Shafto, M, Tsvetanov, K.A., Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience, Clarke, A. Collaborators: Brayne, C., Bullmore, E.T., CALDER, A.C., Cusack. R, DALGLEISH, T., DUNCAN, J., HENSON, R.N., Matthews, F.E., Marslen-Wilson, W.D., ROWE, J.B., Campbell, K., Cheung, T., Davis, S., Geerligs, L., KIEVIT, R., McCarrey, A., Mustafa, A., Price, D., Samu, D., Taylor, J.R., Treder, M., van Belle, J., Williams, N. , Bates, L., EMERY, T., ERZINCLIOGLU, S., Gadie, A., GERBASE, S., Georgieva, S., Hanley, C., Parkin, B., Troy, D., Auer, T., CORREIA, M., Gao, L., Green, E., Henriques, R., Allen, J., Amery, G., Amunts, L., Barcroft, A., Castle, A., Dias, C., Dowrick, J., Fair, M., Fisher, H., Goulding, A., Grewal, A., Hale, G., Hilton, A., Johnson, F., Johnston, P., Kavanagh-Williamson, T., Kwasniewska, M., McMinn, A., Norman, K., Penrose, J., Roby, F., Rowland, D., Sargeant, J., Squire, M., Stevens, B., Stoddart, A., Stone, C., Thompson, T., Yazlik, O. Barnes, D., Dixon, M., Hillman, J., Mitchell, J., Villis, L. (2019) Perceptual and conceptual processing of visual objects across the adult lifespan., Scientific Reports, 9(1), 13771 [Open Access]

Williams, N. , HENSON, R. (2018) Recent advances in functional neuroimaging analysis for cognitive neuroscience, Brain and Neuroscience Advances [Open Access]

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TAYLOR, J.R., WILLIAMS, N. , Cusack, R., Auer, T. Shafto, M.A., Dixon, M., Tyler, L.K., Cam-CAN, and HENSON, R. (2017) The Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (Cam-CAN) data repository: Structural and functional MRI, MEG and cognitive data from a cross-sectional adult lifespan sample, NeuroImage, 144(Pt B), 262-269 [Open Access]