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  • visual object recognition
  • computational modelling
  • pattern-information fMRI
  • electrophysiological recordings
  • species relationships

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I lead the Programme "Object vision and population code representation". Please contact me if you are interested in joining my lab as a graduate student or postdoc. Here's a list of publications and a talk summarising some of our recent findings.

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Research findings

Insights on object vision

Deep convolutional neural net model explains IT object representational space in man and monkey Faciotopy: The occipital face area might be a face-feature map with face-like topology Object representations match closely between man and monkey The primate-IT object representation is inherently categorical Face identity may be represented in anterior IT, rather than in FFA

Ventral object representations can arise from the dorsal motion-flowfield representation

Methodological developments

Information, not activation

Searchlight mapping

Representational similarity analysis

Voxel + venules = multipronged sensor?

Circular analysis

Topologically correct cortex segmentation

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Visual Population Codes - Toward a Common Multivariate Framework for Cell Recording and Functional Imaging Kriegeskorte N, Kreiman G (Eds) MIT Press 2011

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Scientific publication system

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