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Michele Veldsman
I have now left the CBSU but can be contacted at the email address above
CBSU publications
Veldsman, M. , MITCHELL, D.J., Cusack, R. (2017) The neural basis of precise short-term memory for complex recognisable objects, NeuroImage, 159, 131-145 [Read More]

CUSACK, R., VELDSMAN, M. , NACI, L. MITCHELL, D.J. & LINKE, A.C. (2012) Seeing Different Objects in Different Ways: Measuring Ventral Visual Tuning to Sensory and Semantic Features With Dynamically Adaptive Imaging, Human Brain Mapping, 33(2), 387-397 [Read More]

May, J., Calvo-Merino, B., deLahunta, S., McGregor, W., CUSACK, R. Owen, A. VELDSMAN, M. , RAMPONI, C. and BARNARD, P.J. (2011) Points in mental space: an interdisciplinary study of imagery in movement creation, Dance Research Electronic, 29(2), 402-430 [Open Access]

CUSACK, R., Lehmann, M., VELDSMAN, M. & MITCHELL, D.J. (2009) Encoding strategy and not visual working memory capacity correlates with intelligence, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 16, 641-647 [Open Access]

VELDSMAN, M. & CUSACK, R (2009) Dynamically Adaptive Imaging, Cambridge Neuroscience: New Approaches in Neuroscience, Cambridge, UK [Read More]