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Marta Correia
MR physicist
01223 273617

My main research interest is in diffusion MRI, an imaging modality which has been shown to provide useful information about the microstructural architecture of the brain. I am currently working on projects using diffusion MRI to study Parkinson's disease, stroke and healthy ageing.

I am also interested in developing methods for high resolution fMRI acquisition, in particular applied to pattern-information decoding in the visual cortex.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Rae C.L., Correia M.M., Altena E., Hughes L.E., Barker R.A., Rowe J.B. (2012) White matter pathology in Parkinson's disease: The effect of imaging protocol differences and relevance to executive function, NeuroImage, 62(3), 1675-84.

Correia, M.M., Newcombe,V., Williams, G.B. (2011) Contrast-to-noise ratios for indices of anisotropy obtained from diffusion MRI: A study with standard clinical b-values at 3T, NeuroImage, 57(3), 1103-1115.

Geva, S., Correia, M.M., & Warburton, E.A. (2011) Diffusion tensor imaging in the study of language and aphasia, Aphasiology, 25(5), 543-558.

Thompson, R., Correia, M.M., Cusack, R. (2011) Vascular contributions to multivariate pattern analysis at 3T, NeuroImage, 56(2), 643-650.

Correia, M.M, Carpenter, T.A, Williams, G.B. (2009) Looking for the optimal DTI acquisition scheme given a maximum scan time: are more b-values a waste of time?, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 27(2), 163-175.

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