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Marta Correia
MR physicist and Head of MRI Facility
01223 767737
Programme Leader: Marta Correia
CBSU publications
CORREIA, M. M., Newcombe,V., Williams, G.B. (2011) Contrast-to-noise ratios for indices of anisotropy obtained from diffusion MRI: A study with standard clinical b-values at 3T, NeuroImage, 57(3), 1103-1115 [Read More]

Geva, S., CORREIA, M. M., & Warburton, E.A. (2011) Diffusion tensor imaging in the study of language and aphasia, Aphasiology, 25(5), 543-558 [Read More]

THOMPSON, R., CORREIA, M. M., CUSACK, R. (2011) Vascular contributions to multivariate pattern analysis at 3T, NeuroImage, 56(2), 643-650 [Open Access]