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Maria Vedechkina
01223 766 166

As a member of the Cognition, Emotion and Mental Health Programme, I am interested the mechanisms through which childhood adversity, including abuse and neglect, shapes neurodevelopment and mental health across the lifespan. The aim of my research is to identify biobehavioural markers of risk and resilience to inform prevention and intervention efforts.

CBSU publications
VEDECHKINA, M. , BENNETT, M., HOLMES, J. (In Press) Dimensions of internalising symptoms are stable across early adolescence and predicted by executive functions: Longitudinal findings from the adolescent brain and cognitive development (ABCD) study, Development and Psychopathology [Read More]

Williams, K.L., HOLMES, J., Farina, F., VEDECHKINA, M. , CALM Team, BENNETT, M.P. (2022) Inconsistencies between Subjective Reports of Cognitive Difficulties and Performance on Cognitive Tests are Associated with Elevated Internalising and Externalising Symptoms in Children with Learning-related Problems., Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, 50(12), 1557-1572 [Open Access]