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Maria Vedechkina
Graduate Student
01223 766 166
Programme Leader: Duncan Astle
CBSU publications
VEDECHKINA, M. , BENNETT, M., HOLMES, J. (2023) Dimensions of internalising symptoms are stable across early adolescence and predicted by executive functions: Longitudinal findings from the adolescent brain and cognitive development (ABCD) study, Development and Psychopathology, 05 Jun 2023, :1-10 [Open Access]

Williams, K.L., HOLMES, J., Farina, F., VEDECHKINA, M. , CALM Team, BENNETT, M.P. (2022) Inconsistencies between Subjective Reports of Cognitive Difficulties and Performance on Cognitive Tests are Associated with Elevated Internalising and Externalising Symptoms in Children with Learning-related Problems., Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, 50(12), 1557-1572 [Open Access]