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Marc Bennett
Research staff
01223 766166
CBSU publications
BENNETT, M. P., KNIGHT,R., PATEL, S., LEE, T., DUNNING, D., Barnhoferm T., Smith, P., Kuyken, W., Ford, T., DALGLEISH, T. (2021) Decentering as a core component in the psychological treatment and prevention of youth anxiety and depression: A narrative review and insight report, Translational Psychiatry, 11(1):288 [Open Access]

Bennett, M. P., Roche, B., Dymond, S., Baeyens, F., Vervliet, B., Hermans, D. (2020) Transitions from avoidance: Reinforcing competing behaviours reduces generalised avoidance in new contexts., Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 73(12), 2119-2131 [Open Access]

Ahmed, S., Foulkes, L., Leung, J.T., Griffin, C., Sakhardande, A., BENNETT, M. , DUNNING, D.L., GRIFFITHS, K., Parker, J., Kuyken, W., Williams, J.M.G., DALGLEISH, T., Blakemore, S.J. (2020) Susceptibility to prosocial and antisocial influence in adolescence, Journal of Adolescence, 84, 56-88 [Open Access]