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Lydia Barnes
Graduate student
01223 769934

I'm interested in how our brains support focus on information that is useful to us, as our goals and environment constantly change. I use M/EEG, multivariate pattern analysis, and behavioural tasks.

CBSU publications
BARNES, L. , Goddard, E., WOOLGAR, A. (In Press) Neural coding of visual objects rapidly reconfigures to reflect sub-trial shifts in attentional focus, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience [Read More]

BARNES, L. , PETIT, S., Badcock, N., WHYTE, C., WOOLGAR, A. (2021) Word detection in individual subjects is difficult to probe with fast periodic visual stimulation, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 03 Mar 2021, 15:602798 [Open Access]

BARNES, L. , Goddard, E., WOOLGAR, A. (2019) Decoding rules and attended features over multiple task phases, Perception (42nd European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) 2019 Leuven) [Open Access]