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Joni Holmes
Research staff, Memory and perception group
01223 273765
  • Working memory, executive function and attention
  • Dimensional approaches to understanding cognitive developmental disorders
  • Cognitive training

I am the Head of the Centre for Attention Learning and Memory, a developmental research facility at the Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit that specialises in understanding the cognitive, neural and genetic dimensions of learning difficulties (see  
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      • 2016-2018       Executive functions in affective contexts and emotion regulation capacity in adolescence. MRC Director’s Strategic Fund Award £40k. S. Schweizer, R. Kievit & J. Holmes
      • 2013-2015       Remediating reading difficulties: can working memory training really help? British Academy, £10k. J Holmes, D Dunning, S Gathercole
      • 2013-2014 Using transcranial electrical stimulation to enhance the effects of cognitive training (£35k). MRC Directors Strategic Fund, J Holmes & M Ewbank.
      •  2012-2015 Computerised training of working memory (Cogmed RM) in children who have survived a traumatic brain injury: A randomised controlled trial. (£125K). Action Medical Research. A Adlam, L Shepston, S Gathercole, J Holmes, F Gracey
      • 2011-2013 Working memory training (Cogmed RM) following paediatric acquired brain injury: a pilot study (£7k). British Academy: A Adlam, SE Gathercole, J Holmes
      • 2010-2011 Making working memory really work (£125k). ESRC: SE Gathercole, J Holmes.
      • 2010-2010 The effects of cognitive training on cognitive performance of young people at increased risk of depression: a pilot study. (£7K). Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee (OHSRC). Z Mannie, P Cowan, J Holmes.
      • 2009-2010 Improving working memory for children with Down Syndrome (£44k). Bailey Thomas Charitable Fund: SJ Bennett, S Buckley, J Holmes, SE Gathercole.
      • 2007-2008 An evaluation of a computerised working memory training programme in children who receive stimulant medication for ADHD (£125k). British Academy: J Holmes, SE Gathercole.
    • 2001-2004 Working memory and children's mathematical skills. (£24k). Departmental Studentship, University of Durham: J Holmes.
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