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Jade Jackson
Research staff, Executive processes group
01223 766 166
CBSU publications
WOOLGAR, A., Jackson, J. B. (2018) Adaptive Coding in the human brain: Distinct object features are encoded by overlapping voxels in frontoparietal cortex, Cortex, 108:25-34 [Open Access]

Woolgar, A., Jackson, J. , & DUNCAN, J. (2016) Coding of visual, auditory, rule and response information in the brain: 10 years of multi-voxel pattern analysis, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 218, 1433-1454 [Read More]

Jackson, J. & BEKERIAN, D.A. (eds) (1997) Offender Profiling., Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. [Read More]

Bekerian, D. A. & Jackson, J. (1996) Critical issues in offender profiling., In J. Jackson, & D.A. Bekerian (eds). Offender Profiling. John Wiley & Sons [Read More]