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Inderpal Panesar
I have now left the CBSU but can be contacted at the email address above
CBSU publications
HITCHCOCK, C., GOODAL, B., Wright, I.M., Boyle, A., Johnston, D., DUNNING, D., Gillard, J., GRIFFITHS, K., Humphrey, A., Mckinnon, A., Panesar, I. K., Werner-Seidler, A., WATSON, P., Smtih, P., Meiser-Stedman, R., DALGLEISH, T. (2022) The early course and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in very young children: Diagnostic prevalence and predictors in hospital-attending children and a randomized controlled proof-of-concept trial of trauma-focused cognitive therapy, for 3-8 year olds, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Jan;63(1):58-67. [Open Access]

HITCHCOCK, C., Gormley, S., Rees, C., Rodrigues, E., Gillard, J., Panesar, I. , Wright, I.M., Hammond, E., WATSON, P., Werner-Seidler, A., DALGLEISH, T. (2018) A randomised controlled trial of memory flexibility training (MemFlex) to enhance memory flexibility and reduce depressive symptomatology in individuals with major depressive disorder, Behaviour Research and Therapy, 110:22-30 [Open Access]

Werner-Seidler, A., HITCHCOCK, C., BEVAN, A., McKinnon, A., GILLARD, J., Dahm, T., Chadwick, I., Panesar, I. , Breakwell, L., Mueller, V., Rodrigues, E., Rees, C., Gormley, S., Schweizer, S., WATSON, P., Raes, F., Jobson, L., DALGLEISH, T. (2018) A cluster randomized controlled platform trial comparing group MEmory specificity training (MEST) to group psychoeducation and supportive counselling (PSC) in the treatment of recurrent depression., Behavior Research and Therapy, 105, 1-9 [Open Access]

DALGLEISH, T., HITCHCOCK, C., Hammond, E., Rees, C., Panesar, I. , WATSON, P.,WERNER-SEIDLER, A. (2015) Memory Flexibility training (MemFlex) to reduce depressive symptomatology in individuals with major depressive disorder: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial., BMC Trials, 16:494 [Open Access]

GOODALL, B., DALGLEISH, T., Chadwick, I., WERNER-SEIDLER, A., McKinnon, A., Morant, N., SCHWEIZER, S., PANESAR, I. , Humhrey, A., WATSON, P., Lafortune, L., Smith, P., Meiser-Stedman, R. (2015) Trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy versus treatment-as-usual for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in young children aged 3-6 years: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial, Trials, 16: 116 [Open Access]