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Holly Phillips
Graduate student
01223 355294
CBSU publications
PHILLIPS, H. M., Princich, J.P., ROWE, J.B., Bekinschtein, T.A., Muravchik, H., Kochen, S. (2017) iElectrodes: a comprehensive open-source toolbox for depth and subdural grid electrode localization, Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 11:14 [Read More]

PHILLIPS, H. N., Blenkmann, A., HUGHES, L.E., Kochen, S., Bekinschtein, T.A., Cam CAN, ROWE, J.B. (2016) Convergent evidence for hierarchical prediction networks from human electrocorticography and magnetoencephalography, Cortex, 82, 192-205 [Open Access]

PHILLIPS, H. N,. Blenkmann, A.,HUGHES, L.E., Bekinschtein, T.A., and ROWE, J.B. (2015) Hierarchical Organization of Frontotemporal Networks for the Prediction of Stimuli across Multiple Dimensions , The Journal of Neuroscience, 35(25), 9255-9264 [Open Access]