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Giacomo Bignardi
Graduate student, Executive processes group
01223 355 294
I'm a PhD student working in Duncan Astle's lab on a longitudinal study of child development. I'm broadly interested in how the environment influences the brain, behaviour and cognition, and how these lead to downstream effects on the lives of children. I'm also interested in research methods, in particular the application of statistics and research synthesis methods to study complex developmental processes.
Selected Publications:

Hollands, G., Bignardi, G., Johnston, M., Kelly, M., Ogilvie, D., Petticrew, M., Prestwich, A., Shemilt, I., Sutton, S. and Marteau, T. (2017). The TIPPME intervention typology for changing environments to change behaviour. Nature Human Behaviour, 1(8), p.0140.
Devine, R., Bignardi, G. and Hughes, C. (2016). Executive Function Mediates the Relations between Parental Behaviors and Children's Early Academic Ability. Frontiers in Psychology, 7.