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I am a Clinical Psychologist specialising in the assessment and treatment of complex presentations of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I run a private therapy clinic, specialising in the assessment and treatment of clients with PTSD and Complex PTSD (CPTSD).

I am undertaking a part-time PhD at the MRC Unit with Dr Tim Dalgleish. The focus of my research is to further understand and characterise the fundamental psychological components of memory in CPTSD and related post-trauma psychopathology and to translate this into the development of novel clinical interventions focused on the processes of mnemonic control:

- elucidating the nature of memory in PTSD and conducting research studies in order to refine components to pilot in a clinical setting

- utilising current insight into the nature of memory in PTSD in order to modify and augment existing therapeutic techniques

- piloting transdiagnostic interventions composed of therapeutic exercises to improve the regulation of distressing and intrusive memories of past traumatic events