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David Hayes
Technical officer
01223 767763

The Technical Group pride ourselves on being able respond to whatever your technical need might be(within reason). We not only design, develop and manufacture electronic's, mechanical and software prototypes, equipment and systems for research purposes. We will also try to help you with whatever other technical need you might you have?

If we can't help you ourselves, then we we will do our best to tell you who can.


Prototype manufacture on site using:

                  • Ultimaker 5s - we have two 3D Printers. ( we can print brain scans too)
                  • Roland MDX40A - our milling machine.
                  • Design using Solidworks.

PCB Design and Layout using:-

                  • Proteus.
                  • Eagle.


The following programming languages:-

            • B4A-Android , B4I-IOS , B4J-Java.
            • VisualBasic.NET.
            • Arduino C++.