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Danyal Akarca
Graduate student
01223 766 166
Programme Leader: Duncan Astle
CBSU publications
CAROZZA, S., Holmes, J., AKARCA, D. and ASTLE, D. (In Press) Global topology of human connectome is insensitive to early life environments – A prospective longitudinal study of the general population, Developmental Science [Read More]

AKARCA, D. , CAROZZA, S., ASTLE, D. (In Press) The adaptive stochasticity hypothesis: modelling equifinality, multifinality and adaption to adversity, PNAS [Read More]

CAROZZA, S., HOLMES, J., Vertes, P.E., Bullmore, E., Arefin, T.M., Pugliese, A., ZHANG, J.,Kaffman, A., AKARCA, D. , ASTLE, D. (In Press) Early adversity changes the economic conditions of mouse structural brain network organisation, Developmental Psychobiology [Read More]

ACHTERBERG, J., AKARCA, D. , Strouse, D.J., DUNCAN, J., ASTLE, D.E. (2023) Spatially embedded recurrent neural networks reveal widespread links between structural and functional neuroscience findings, Nature Machine Intelligence (2023) [Open Access]

ZDOROVTSOVA, N., JONES, J., AKARCA, D. , BENHAMOU, E., The CALM Team, ASTLE, D.E. (2023) Exploring neural heterogeneity in inattention and hyperactivity, Cortex, 164, 90-111 [Open Access]

ASTLE, D., Johnson, M., AKARCA, D. (2023) Towards Computational Neuroconstructivism: A Framework for Developmental Systems Neuroscience, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 27(8) 726-744 [Open Access]

Durnford, A.J., AKARCA, D. , Culliford, D., Millar, J., Guniganti, R., Giordan , E., Brinjikji, W., Chen, C.J., Abecassis, I.J., Levitt, M., Polifka, A.J., Derdeyn, C.P., Samaniego, E.A,, Kwasnicki, A., Alaraj, A., Potgieser, A.R.E., Chen, S., Tada, Y., Phelps, R., Abla, A., Satomi, J., Starke, R.M, van Dijk, J.M.C., Amin-Hanjani, S., Hayakawa, M., Gross, B., Fox, W.C., Kim, L., Sheehan, J., Lanzino, G., Kansagra, A.P., Du, R., Lai, R., Zipfel, G.J., Bulters, D.O., CONDOR Investigators (2022) The risk of early versus later rebleeding from dural arteriovenous fistulas with cortical venous drainage, Stroke, 14 Apr 2022, :101161STROKEAHA121036450 [Open Access]

AKARCA, D. , Vertes, P.E., Bullmore, E.T., CALM Team., ASTLE, D.E. (2021) A generative network model of neurodevelopmental diversity in structural brain organization, Nature Communications [Open Access]

ASTLE, D., AKARCA, D. , Johnson, A., Bathelt, J., The RED Team (2020) Far and Wide: Associations between childhood Socio-Economic Status and Brain Connectomics, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 48: 100888 [Open Access]

BRKIC, D., Hawkins, E., AKARCA, D. , ZHANG, M., Woolrich, M., BAKER, K., ASTLE, D. (2019) Functional network dynamics in a neurodevelopmental disorder of known genetic origin, Human Brain Mapping, 41(2):530-544 [Open Access]