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Dace Apsvalka
Research staff, Memory and perception group
01223 767482
CBSU publications
Cross, E.S., Ramsey, R., APSVALKA, D. (2019) Fluid intelligence and working memory support dissociable aspects of learning by physical and not observational practice, Cognition, 190, 170-183 [Open Access]

Cross, E., Ramsey, APSVALKA, D. (2018) Observing action sequences elecits sequence-specific neural representations in frontparietal brain regions, The Journal of Neuroscience, 8(47):10114-10128 [Open Access]

Cross, E., Ramsey, R., APSVALKA, D. (2018) Anodal tDCS over Primary Motor Cortex Provides No Advantage to Learning Motor Sequences via Observation, Neural Plasticity [Open Access]