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Bernhard Staresina
I have now left the CBSU but can be contacted at the email address above
CBSU publications
del Carmen Martin-Buro, M., Wimber, M., HENSON, R.N., Staresina, B. P. (2020) Alpha rhythms reveal when and where item- and associative memories are retrieved, Journal of Neuroscience, 40(12),2510-2518 [Open Access]

TIBON, R., LaRocque, K.F., Gagnon, S.A., Wagner, A. D., Staresina, B. P. (2019) Content Tuning in the Medial Temporal Lobe Cortex: Voxels that Perceive, Retrieve., eNeuro, 6(5) [Open Access]

STARESINA, B. , ALINK, A., KRIEGESKORTE, N., HENSON, R. (2013) Awake reactivation predicts memory in humans, PNAS – Proceedings of the National Academy of Science,110(52), 21159-21164 [Open Access]

STARESINA, B. , COOPER, E., and HENSON, R. (2013) Reversible information flow across the medial temporal lobe: The hippocampus links cortical modules during memory retrieval, Journal of Neuroscience, 33(35),14184-14192 [Open Access]

Fell, J., STARESINA, B. P., Do Lam, A.T., Widman, G., Helmstaedter, C., Elger, C.E., Axmacher, N. (2013) Memory Modulation by weak synchronous deep brain stimulation: A pilot study, Brain Stimulation, 6(3), 270-273] [Read More]

STARESINA, B. P., Fell,J. , Dunn,j., Axmacher, N., HENSON, R. (2013) ‘Using state-trace analysis to dissociate the functions of the human Hippocampus and Perirhinal Cortex in recognition memory, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1108(8), 3119-3124 [Open Access]

STARESINA, B. P., HENSON, R.N.A., KRIEGESKORTE, N., ALINK, A. (2012) Episodic Reinstatement in the Medial Temporal Lobe, Journal of Neuroscience, 32(50), 18150-18156 [Open Access]

Do Lam, A.T.A., Axmacher, N., Fell, J., STARESINA, B. P., Gauggel, S., Wagner, T., Olligs, J., Wells, S. (2012) Monitoring the mind: The Neurocognitive correlates of metamemory, Plos One, 7(1), e30009 [Open Access]

STARESINA, B. , Fell, J., Anne, T..A, Lam, D., Zxmacher, N. & HENSON, R. (2012) Memory signals are temporally dissociated within and across human hippocampus and perihinal cortex, Nature Neuroscience, 15(8), 1167-1173 [Open Access]

Fell, J., Ludowig, E., STARESINA, B. P., Wagner, T., Kranz, T., Elger, C.E., Axmacher, N. (2011) Media temporal theta/alpha power enhancement precedes successful memory encoding: evidence based on intracranial EEG, Journal of Neuroscience, 31(14), 5392-5397 [Read More]

STARESINA, B. P., Duncan, K., Davachi, L (2011) Perirhinal and parahippocampal cortices differentially contribute to later recollection of object- and scene-related event details., Journal of Neuroscience, 31(24), 8739-8747 [Open Access]