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I'm a postdoctoral fellow in the CBU's Hearing & Language group. My main interest is how periodicity in the auditory environment (e.g., speech or music) is processed by the brain. Here, my focus is on neural oscillations as they might reflect a clever and efficient way of processing that our brain has developed: By aligning the high (or low) excitability phase of these oscillations with expected relevant (or irrelevant) events, the brain can selectively amplify or attenuate input. In my research, I'm using methods of high temporal (e.g., EEG/MEG) and spatial (e.g., MRI) resolution, sometimes combined with brain stimulation techniques (e.g., tACS) that can be used to selectively alter neural oscillations and measure the consequences of this modulation for behavior, perception, and neural activity.

More details can be found on my personal page.


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