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Arjen Alink
I have now left the CBSU but can be contacted at the email address above
CBSU publications
Alink, A. , ABDULRAHMAN, H., HENSON, R.N. (2020) Reply to ‘Forward models of repetition suppression depend critically on assumptions of noise and granularity’., Nature Communications, 11(1), 4735 [Open Access]

Alink, A. , Abdulrahman, H & HENSON, R.N. (2018) Forward models demonstrate that repetition suppression is best modelled by local neural scaling, Nature Communications, volume 9, Article number: 3854 [Open Access]

HUANG, P., CARLIN, J.D., Alink, A. , Kriegskorte, N., HENSON, R.N., CORREIA, M. (2018) Prospective motion correction improves the sensitivity of fMRI pattern decoding, Human Brain Mapping,39(10):4018-4031 [Open Access]

Alink, A. , WALTHER, A., Krugliak, A., KRIEGESKORTE, N. (2017) Local opposite orientation preferences in V1: fMRI sensitivity to fine-grained pattern information., Scientific Reports, 7(1) 7128 [Open Access]

Walther, A., Nili, H., Ejaz, N., Alink, A. , KRIEGSKORTE, N., Diedrichsen, J. (2016) Reliability of dissimilarity measures for multi-voxel pattern analysis, NeuroImage, 137:188-200 [Read More]

Wimber, M., ALINK, A. , CHAREST, I., KRIEGSKORTE, N, ANDERSON, M.C. (2015) Retrieval induces adaptive forgetting of competing memories via cortical pattern suppression, Nature Neuroscience, 18(4):582-589 [Open Access]

STARESINA, B., ALINK, A. , KRIEGESKORTE, N., HENSON, R. (2013) Awake reactivation predicts memory in humans, PNAS – Proceedings of the National Academy of Science,110(52), 21159-21164 [Open Access]

ALINK, A. , KRIEGESKORTE, N., WALTHER, A., Krugliak, A. (2013) FMRI orientation decoding in V1 does not require global maps or globally coherent orientation stimuli, Frontiers in Psychology, 4: 493 [Open Access]

ALINK, A. , Euler, F., KRIEGESKORTE, N., Singer, W, Kohler, A. (2012) Auditory motion direction encoding in auditory cortex and high-level visual cortex, Human Brain Mapping, 33(4), 969-978 [Read More]

STARESINA, B.P., HENSON, R.N.A., KRIEGESKORTE, N., ALINK, A. (2012) Episodic Reinstatement in the Medial Temporal Lobe, Journal of Neuroscience, 32(50), 18150-18156 [Open Access]

NILI, H., WALTHER, A., ALINK, A. , & KRIEGESKORTE, N. (2012) Testing within-category exemplar discriminability in pattern-information analysis, Annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society, Naples, Florida, USA, 2012 [Read More]