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Alexis Deighton MacIntyre is an Early Career Fellow funded by the Leverhulme Trust and Isaac Newton Trust at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. Her research interests include speech and auditory perception, temporal cognition, and how auditory and motor rhythmic processes relate to speech production and perception. Alexis is currently working with Dr. Matt Davis and Dr. Tobias Goehring on her project, "Finding the Flow: Temporal Contributions to Speech Perception and Intelligibility". Previously, she and Dr. Goehring investigated the neural correlates of speech perception in cochlear implant users. Before coming to the CBU, she undertook her PhD with Professor Sophie Scott at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, where she researched speech breathing using behavioural and physiological methods, as well as developed automated approaches for the analysis of the speech and speech breathing time series.

You can learn more about her work by visiting her personal website.