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Alan Archer-Boyd
Research Staff, Hearing, and language group
01223 769741
CBSU publications
ARCHER-BOYD, A. W., CARLYON, R.P. (2019) Simulations of the effect of unlinked cochlear-implant processor automatic gain control and head movement on interaural level differences, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Jan-Dec; 23: 2331216519831492. [Open Access]

ZOEFEL, B., ARC HER-BOYD, A., DAVIS, M.H. (2018) Phase entrainment of brain oscillations causally modulates neural responses to intelligence speech, Current Biology, 8(3):401-408.e5 [Open Access]

Archer-Boyd, A. W., Holmana, J.W., Brimijoin, O. (2017) The minimum monitoring signal-to-noise ratio for off-axis signals and its implications for directional hearing aids , Hearing Research, 357: 64–72 [Read More]