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Abbie Bradshaw
Research fellow (Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow)
01223 766 166

My research is interested in speech production and perception, and the interactions between these at both the behavioural and the neural level. My previous work during my post-doc at UCL focused on the influence of perception of the self-voice and other voices on speech motor control. This involved the use of sensorimotor integration tasks such as the altered auditory feedback paradigm, in which speakers automatically and unconsciously correct for artificially induced ‘errors’ in their speech auditory feedback.

I currently hold a Leverhulme Trust Early Career fellowship within Matt Davis’ group for a project entitled “Testing prediction as a unified framework for speech production and perception”. This is also part funded by the Isaac Newton Trust. This will investigate if predictions during speech production are implemented in the brain in the same way as for speech perception, as proposed in predictive coding and active inference accounts of perception and action. Specifically, I will use decoding methods on multivariate fMRI data to investigate whether responses in auditory cortex to the self-voice during speech production represent prediction errors. Further, I will investigate whether prediction errors during speech production and perception are represented in a common neural code, by testing for successful cross-decoding between perception and production tasks in conditions where expectedness (and thus prediction error) are matched.

For more information on my research, please visit my personal website.