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Tess Smith
Research Staff
01223 769939
Programme Leader: Kate Baker
CBSU publications
DALMAIJER, E., BIGNARDI, G., ANWYL-IRVINE, A., SIUGZDAITE, R. SMITH, T. , UH, S., Johnson, A., ASTLE, D. (2021) Direct and indirect links between children’s socio-economic status and education: pathways via mental health, attitude, and cognition, Current Psychology (2021) [Open Access]

BIGNARDI, G., DALMAIJER, E.S., ANWYL-IRVINE, A., SMITH, T. , SIUGZDAITE, R., UH, S., ASTLE, D. (2021) Longitudinal increases in childhood depression symptoms during the COVID-19 lockdown, Archives of Diseases in Childhood, 106(8), 791-797 [Open Access]

Shearer, J., Papanikolaou, N., MEISER-STEDMAN, R., McKinnon, A., DALGLEISH, T., Smith, T. , Dixon, C., Byford, S. (2017) Cost-effectiveness of cognitive therapy as an early intervention for post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents: a trial based evaluation and model, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry [Open Access]

WASS, S., Jones E. J.H., Gliga, T., Smith, T. J., Charman, T., Johnson, M.H. & The Basis team (2015) Shorter Spontaneous Fixation Durations in Infants with Later Emerging Autism, Nature Scientific Reports, 5:8284 [Open Access]

WASS, S., Smith, T. (2015) Visual motherese? Signal-to-noise ratios in toddler-directed television, Developmental Science, 18(1), 24-37 [Open Access]