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Rebecca Lawson
Visiting Scientist
01223 769887
CBSU publications
NORD, C., MEHHROF, S., SANDHU, T., HITCHCOCK, C., LAWSON, R. P., Pizzagalli, D., DALGLEISH, T., DERCON, Q. (In Press) A core component of psychological therapy causes adaptive changes in computational learning mechanisms, Psychological Medicine [Read More]

NORD, C.L., LAWSON, R. P., DALGLEISH, T. (2021) Disrupted dorsal mid-insula activation during interoception across psychiatric disorders, The American Journal of Psychiatry [Open Access]

LAWSON, R. , Bisby, J., NORD, C., Brugess, N., Rees, G. (2020) The computational, pharmacological, and physiological determinants of sensory learning under uncertainty, Current Biology, 31(1), 163-172.e4 [Open Access]

de Haas, B., Schwarzkopf, D.S., Alvarez, I., Lawson, R. P., Henriksson, L., KRIEGESKORTE, N., Rees, G. (2016) Perception and Processing of Faces in the Human Brain Is Tuned to Typical Feature Locations, The Journal of Neuroscience, 36(36), 9289-9302 [Open Access]

LAWSON, R. P., Clifford, C.W.G., & CALDER, A.J. (2011) A Real Head Turner: Horizontal and Vertical Head Directions are Multichannel Coded, Journal of Vision, 11(9) [Open Access]

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LAWSON, R. P., EWBANK, M.P., HENSON, R.N., CALDER, A.J. (2010) Does your EBA response to my bum look big? Differential sensitivity to body orientation in the extrastriate body area, Journal of Vision, 10(7), 686 [Read More]

LAWSON, R. (2010) The Visual Representation of Cues to Social Attention Revealed by Adaptation, Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge [Read More]

LAWSON, R. & CALDER, A.J. (2009) Direction-specific aftereffects arise from cells tuned to different social cue types, Sixteenth Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, F82 [Read More]

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LAWSON, R. P, CALDER, A.J. (2008) The Visual Representation of Human Body Orientation Revealed by Adaptation, Experiment Psychology Society Meeting, Cambridge, April 2008 [Read More]